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  • Thanks so much for the quick and efficient response on the background and Drivers License check. Being a retired Law Enforcement Officer and Polygraph Examiner It is so important to have as much information as possible before any interviews begin. This always helps confirm or not what someone has told you to be the truth. It's amazing what people seem to forget until confronted with facts. Again Thanks. I wish I'd had your services years ago.
    Sid S - Florida
  • Troy, You deserve a GREAT BIG RAISE!!! I did not expect to get a response so fast!! Thank you soooooo much!!!! I have kept all of the documentation and police reports from when that happened to me. I can't thank you enough for all of your help. I got so upset when I saw that name again. Thanks to you and the Company you work for I can now have peace of mind! Have a Good Evening,
  • I have really enjoyed our business relationship these past six years. You have been a joy to work with and have always been extremely responsive to our needs and requests. The services you have provided to SIS have been incomparable. As I retire from active management of SIS, I want to thank you for all you have done for us and express my appreciation for your very timely services. I expect my new manager will continue to receive the same sterling service in the future from you we have over the past years.
    Val O'Donnal
    - Managing Member/Chief Investigator Strategic Intelligence Services, LLC
  • Everything has gone great since I started doing business with DataBaseRecords.com. They respond quickly to calls and are very helpful.
    Sarita Holland
    - Quality Care Health Center
  • Database records have been absolutely great for my business. In the world of children services the demand for a complete and truthful employee background is just as important as any facet in this field. The promptness of the reports, to ability to service any particular need at anytime and in addition to the great customer services Database records is truly priceless!!!
    Derek Potter
    - Administrator Turn Around Center Inc.
  • I have found the searches on Databaserecords.com to be accurate, reliable, fast and cost-effective. I recommend Databaserecords.com to all of my private investigation seminar attendees.
    John Gormley
    - SBI Seminars
  • We have used your service for nearly one-year. Working in Human Resources, we need our felony checks completed before we can offer anyone a position." "Before using Databaserecords.com I had to send by mail for out of state felonies. This could take up to two or three weeks depending where I mailed these to get a reply back. I always get my information back from you within 24 hours and in most cases instantly. The quick turn-around time plus the cost is money well spent. Thank you for making my job easier...." "....We would recommend your service to any company who needs to make a quick hiring decision. Keep up the good work."
    Barbara Arnold
    - Romanow Building Services
  • "Our experience working with Information Systems Inc. (or Databaserecords.com) has been nothing short of outstanding. Prompt response to our particular needs, accuracy of information and unequalled professionalism, all integrated with the latest technologies has allowed us to meet all compliance requirements and has saved our firm much time and resources. We continue to use the services of Mr. Williams with great confidence."
    Greg George
    - President and CEO GTI Risk Management Inc.
  • I wanted to write and let you know how impressed I was with the services of Mr. Troy Williams and Databaserecords.com. He was a very polite gentleman and he certainly went beyond his line of duty on the background check job he did for me. He did a very efficient and professional job. I could not have been more pleased with him and I would recommend him to anyone.
    Lina Morris
    - Pembrooke, KY
  • I have been raising my grandson for the past 7 years. As he is getting older now, he has been asking questions about his dad. He has never known who his dad was because his mom had him when she was a senior in high school and never had anymore contact with his dad after that. His dad had never really known that he had a son. After all those years, I retained the services of Databaserecords.com to locate this man. Within the first day he had located the correct person. I chose to make the contact myself since this is a delicate situation. We have met several times now and their relationship is well on its way. I would highly recommend the prompt and courteous services of Databaserecords.com for any need you might have in the area of locating lost loved ones.
    Donna S
    - Lebanon, TN
  • I cannot thank you enough for all the help this morning. I have become so accustomed to poor service and apathetic people that it is so refreshing and heart-warming to come across someone who actually cares about the needs of others, and who actually cares to provide top quality service. If you are not the owner, I really hope that the owners/president, or whoever they are, know what a wonderful asset you are to their company. You made my morning much easier and even more pleasant.
    Jackie Mederos
    - Huronlaw.com
  • I like the website a lot. It is very easy to use. And I am very pleased with the quick turnaround times. You are doing such a great job! I would recommend you to anyone.
    - Fraudfinders.com
  • Phoenix Healthcare Corporation has used Databaserecords.com to conduct criminal and credit background checks since February, 1998. During this time, Databaserecords.com has consistently returned accurate reports within twenty-four hours. If there are and problems or inconsistencies with the reports, Troy Williams has called to notify us so that we can attempt to rectify the situation. The staff at Databaserecords.com is always courteous and congenial over the phone. In our opinion, Databaserecords.com is outstanding.
    Laura Swafford
    - Administrative Assistant, Human Resources
  • Dear Troy, Just a quick note to express my surprise and satisfaction when you located my friend in lest than 2 hours. We had not been in contact for 52 years and with only a name, approximate age and general location to use in your search, I would say you did an outstanding job. Please feel free to use my endorsement in your advertisement. It was the best money I've spent I a long time.
    Eugene D. Tate

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