Troy is always extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Any time I have an issue or a question, he responds immediately and gets the issue resolved promptly.


“This is a great company.  From the moment Troy Williams with took my phone call until his very last email, Troy’s persistence and sincere effort to help me with my situation was superior to all others. I found his knowledge of record and fact finding inspiring. He educated me on how to go about my research. Troy took it upon himself to make sure I had covered every area in my profile search until all my information was found and verified.”


On behalf of AIM Housing, I am writing to recognize Troy Williams for the “above and beyond” job he did for us with a recent background checks.  We had a candidate for our subsidized housing that we had heard had a sex offender background but were unable to obtain any information to verify that information. When the normal report you run for us did not clear up our suspicions, Troy recommended further investigation and kept digging. He discovered the person in question had used a different name, in another state and was on the sex offenders list under that name. Without Troy’s guidance and doggedness, we never would have obtained that information and would have housed him. I shudder to think about what might have happened.

Please let Troy know how much we appreciated his hard work and “never give up” attitude. It is refreshing to encounter someone so dedicated to doing a good job and not giving up until it is completed.

Thanks again.


Denise Carlson

Supportive Housing Specialist

AIM Housing, Inc.

Hi Troy, I wanted to follow up with you and let you know how much I appreciate all of your help with the recent background checks for our employees.  Your assistance allowed us to continue our business with our major customer, Sprint and without your help we would likely have lost the business.  I can’t thank you enough for helping me through the process especially for your patience and willingness to resolve issues quickly. Thank you again for everything.  I look forward to continuing to work with you and your team. Best regards, Nancy Nancy Ellis Wireless Partners Inc. 425-996-3230

Dear Troy, Just a quick note to express my surprise and satisfaction when you located my friend in lest than 2 hours. We had not been in contact for 52 years and with only a name, approximate age and general location to use in your search, I would say you did an outstanding job. Please feel free to use my endorsement in your advertisement. It was the best money I’ve spent I a long time.

Troy, You deserve a GREAT BIG RAISE!!! I did not expect to get a response so fast!! Thank you soooooo much!!!! I have kept all of the documentation and police reports from when that happened to me. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. I got so upset when I saw that name again. Thanks to you and the Company you work for I can now have peace of mind! Have a Good Evening,

Tammy –

Database records have been absolutely great for my business. In the world of children services the demand for a complete and truthful employee background is just as important as any facet in this field. The promptness of the reports, to ability to service any particular need at anytime and in addition to the great customer services Database records is truly priceless!!!

Derek Potter – Administrator Turn Around Center Inc.

Thanks so much for the quick and efficient response on the background and Drivers License check. Being a retired Law Enforcement Officer and Polygraph Examiner It is so important to have as much information as possible before any interviews begin. This always helps confirm or not what someone has told you to be the truth. It’s amazing what people seem to forget until confronted with facts. Again Thanks. I wish I’d had your services years ago.

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