Blog Unveils Employment Screening Packages Helps businesses eliminate the risk of Improper Employment Screening has launched its range of packages that business owners can choose from to ensure that they don’t get into trouble because of Improper Employment Screening methods used. The company has been in the business for more than 25 years now and has worked with clients in different industries with their own requirements for background […]

Background checks have been on the rise lately for people who are interested in protecting their families

If you have ever allowed a stranger or someone you may not know much about into your home you may have been cautious about letting them in on the details of your life. When you let someone you are unfamiliar with into your home it may only be for a few minutes, for instance a […]

Drug Testing Employment Screening What Can I Expect?

Most Fortune 500 companies and many small to medium-sized companies do drug testing for employment, both for pre-employment screening and drug screening of current employees. Each of these circumstances is a bit different, but they both usually include a simple urine test.Pre-employment drug screening usually occurs after a job applicant is offered the job. Somewhere […]

Employment Drug Testing – Don’t Be Liable For Your Employees

There was a time when drug testing was conducted on potential employees prior to hiring. This was thought to be the extent of efforts required by many companies. As times have changed, however, and more business owners are finding they are liable for the actions of their employees, the need for drug testing has grown. […]


IF THE DEAL SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS. Beware of cyber criminals and their aggressive and creative ways to steal money and personal information. Scammers use many techniques to defraud consumers by offering too good to be true deals via phishing e-mails advertising brand name merchandise, quick money making offers, or […]

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