Business Advantage of Employment Background Screening

Hiring the best person from a number of applicants is like picking a needle out of a haystack. Besides competency in technical skills, character is also an important factor in hiring process. Evaluating the character allows companies to determine the level of trust they can rely on the person. This is even more important in institutions that ensure public safety such as schools, hospital, financial companies, government agencies and airport.

How can employers determine the character of the applicant, to some degree, based on profile information? Companies have added Employment Background Screening in hiring process to gather and compile record history of the applicant.

These records often account to criminal, financial and commercial reports. Some states require Employment Background Screening procedure, more importantly for those companies that provide financial services. One major reason is to gain the confidence of the consumers. As a regular customer, you wouldn’t want to entrust credit card or bank information to someone in the company who has not been properly checked for background.

With employment background screening, it reflects how you value customers.

Another reason is to create Employment Background Screening awareness in public. By checking on the person’s criminal records, you would know if any of the applicants have existing records of scam, fraud, identity theft or serious offense. By noting those records, the public could be warned from being victimized, especially if the person has several cases of the same offense.

Employment Background Screening reduces the possible risk of fraud or theft in the company. By performing a complete background check of the potential applicant, not only it protects your employees but customers being handled. Imagine how the company’s reputation is affected by a customer complaining about fraud. It’s a long term concern you would have to deal with, given that the reliability of the service had become questionable. Such situation could cause a big loss for the company.

You would have to spend time and money on lawsuits. This could in turn affect relationships with existing customers. Big accounts primarily give concern to security and safety. If your company is being tagged of fraud issues, relationship with businesses could also be ruined. Even if full marketing support backs up the company, a word of mouth from a customer significantly impacts your reputation.

There are third party Employment Background Screening agencies which specialize in conducting background checks for companies. Services vary from verifying educational achievements and certifications, searching for federal and state criminal history, confirming employment history and gathering specific records requested by the company.

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Employment Background Screening

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