Checking References and Background Checks

A background check is a process of checking onto a person’s or a group/organizations past records to check for any criminal records or any suspicious activities by a person/organization.

Such background checks are often necessary for new employees by their employers, especially in jobs that require high security or trust such as a financial institution, hospital, military services or schools. These types of checks are often necessary as it thoroughly investigates the future employees.

Such checks were made necessary as general awareness grew that many potential employees can have past criminal records which can affect the security of the job that he/she is to be hired. The background check may also have several other fields and is not limited to criminal activities. Banks make a background check on an applicant who applies for a loan to check whether he has the ability to repay it.
It is good to do background checks, but several times, employers tend to ask the person’s friends or family for the checks, this is not advised as they will always give positive information about them. The applicant must be asked to list local references like neighbors who would not mind telling the truth.

The cross reference must be done personally and not on the phone. It must be taking in writing as merely talking does not gather any evidence. While doing so, the questions must strictly be limited to the job profile, the employers must not dwell into the applicants’ personal life or any such questions that invade his/her privacy.

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Background Checks

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