County Criminal Search

A County criminal search of a particular county’s court records is done to disclose any criminal activity concerning the target of the search.

county criminal search
The criminal records cases are usually filed in county courts. This makes county criminal searches very useful when you want to run a criminal background check for employment purposes. County criminal check provides records of felony and misdemeanor information depending on the court cases filed. County criminal search is usually checked on records by searching the name. Once the name is found, the results are afterward looked into using other identifiers like the date of birth, the driving license number, or the social security number. The information that is available in the county criminal search reports is the charge, the case number, the filing date, disposition, the defendant, the disposition date, and the degree of the criminal offense.

Sources of a County Criminal Search

The county courts keep records in several ways and are the starting point for criminal searches. Many counties use computerized systems, while others still use papers and microfilms to store the indexes and files of criminal records. A comprehensive background check, particularly at the county, should be conducted by a researcher who is experienced in the record policies that run the specific court system that is being searched.

Scope of the county criminal search

A comprehensive employment background check consists of the criminal searches for the past seven years or even more extended periods depending on the residence, school, and work. The number of years searched in a report for the county criminal search depends on how the federal and state laws apply to the background check, the maintenance of the county records, and how the research is carried out.

Most of the County criminal searches take two to three working days to be completed. However, the search may take longer, depending on the specific county policies. Some counties have policies stating that the court clerks are the ones to do the research, therefore, adding more time to the searching process since the names have to be left for the court clerks to run a search on them. This calls for a lot of patience, especially when a case file has to be pulled out to search for the personal details since the search depends on how timely the county clerks are.

County criminal searches are important. Employers have a moral responsibility and a legal obligation to ensure a safe working environment. By running background checks before employment, an employer can know if a potential employee has ever been involved in any criminal activity like reckless behavior, drug abuse, theft, violent behaviors, or dishonesty. This makes it easier for employers to decide whether an applicant is suitable for the working environment.

Drawbacks to county criminal searches:

a) The most significant challenge to illegal searches is the restricted scope on the specific county search.

b) County criminal searches require resources and time and not all employers have the resources and time required.

c) Different counties have different ways in which the records are stored and released. This means that the researcher has to be familiar with the specific county’s policies to run a quick search.

d) The researcher has the difficulty of recognizing the case since most courts only give the name index to the researchers for them to point out the potential causes.

  1. e) If a criminal record is found the researcher has a responsibility to confirm the stored record. Often time convictions are overturned on appeal and the original County record is not corrected.Reach out to a professional today for assistance.


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