Drug Testing Employment Screening What Can I Expect?

Most Fortune 500 companies and many small to medium-sized companies do drug testing for employment, both for pre-employment screening and drug screening of current employees. Each of these circumstances is a bit different, but they both usually include a simple urine test.Pre-employment drug screening usually occurs after a job applicant is offered the job. Somewhere on the application, it states that employment is contingent on passing the pre-employment screening, and a pre-employment screening usually includes a drug test.

A Drug Testing Employment Screening 10-panel urine test is typically done which screens for the five most commonly abused recreational drugs including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP.When you are offered the job, either by phone or in person, the employer or HR employee will give you the details of where you are to go for your drug test. You may go to a drug testing facility or laboratory that is close to the place of employment or they will give you the address of the testing facility where they want you to go. Once you arrive, you will need to fill out some papers that you sign before taking your actual test.After that, you will be asked to put all of your personal belongings into a locker. This includes brief cases, purses, jackets, hats, coats, and other personal items. You may then be asked to go into a dressing room to put on a hospital gown. One of the workers will then direct you to the spot where you will urinate in a small plastic cup like device.

You may notice that the testing room or restroom does not have their water source turned on in that room. This is to prevent any diluting of your urine if you are trying to hide drug use.Some facilities have taken other safety precautions to eliminate any tampering with the urine. There may be tamper-proof tape on water facets, over air conditioning vents, on toilet handles, and around toilet tanks if there are regular toilets in the testing room. The toilet and toilet tank may have blue colored water in them. There will also be tape over paper towel holders and any other places that a person could possibly hide an adulterating substance if they managed to get into the room before they gave their urine sample.After you urinate in the cup, you will simply give it to the worker who will apply a tamper-proof tape around the perimeter of the cup to eliminate any possibility of contamination.

Usually the results of your urine test are available in 24 hours, but if you do not hear anything from the testing facility, your test is probably negative. If there are any questions about a positive test, a Medical Review Officer (MRO), a doctor hired by the testing company, will contact you to ask you questions about medications you are taking that may have caused a positive result. It is important that you tell this person all medications you have taken, including diet pills or other legal substances.If you are already working for a company who has a drug-free workplace policy, you may be notified by your supervisor that you need to leave the job immediately to go to a designated testing company to take a drug test.

There is usually a time limit of how long you have to go to take the test and return to work. The procedure for this drug testing is the same as for pre-employment testing. The exception is if you have been involved in a work-related accident or there is reasonable suspicion that you are using alcohol or drugs on the job, you may have someone of the same gender go into the testing room with you to ensure that the urine sample you provide is actually your own.

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