Easy Employment Drug Screening

Employment drug screening is a service that allows companies to test their employees, or potential employees, to make sure their system is free of narcotics.

Employment drug screening is a valuable tool for employers wanting to ensure the quality and reliability of new employees. Drug use on the job is a leading cause of mistakes that can cause injury to other employees and be financially costly to a company. Employment drug screening offers employers a way to be sure that their employees are functioning to the very best of the ability.

While many companies require drug screening tests for new employees, it can also be beneficial to perform more general employment drug screening once or twice a year, to make sure that everyone has stayed on track. There are a number of companies available who provide drug screening services for both large and small companies. is an online service that performs employment drug screening.

They provide DOT testing, which is any employment drug screening process that complies with US Department of Transportation policies, as well as Non DOT testing. Non-DOT testing offers more options of different types of employment drug screening and can determine potential drug use by testing urine, hair, breath or oral fluid.

With sample drop-off locations nation wide, offers easy employment drug screening at the affordable cost of $40.00. The basic five-panel test includes drug screening for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, PCP and amphetamines. The more extensive ten-panel test provides added employment drug screening for methaqualone, propoxyphene, methadone, benzodiazepines and barbiturates.

With narcotics becoming increasingly easy to obtain and the rate of drug addiction on the rise, drug screening is an important reality of running a successful business. With fast, effective service and affordable prices, offers the employment drug screening services needed to ensure a safe, productive workplace.

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Easy Employment Drug Screening

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