Employment Drug Testing – Don’t Be Liable For Your Employees

There was a time when drug testing was conducted on potential employees prior to hiring.

employment drug testing

This was thought to be the extent of efforts required by many companies. As times have changed, however, and more business owners are finding they are liable for the actions of their employees, the need for drug testing has grown.

Many companies find that conducting regular, random drug tests on employees is highly beneficial. They are able to significantly reduce the injury rate of the business. When employees are driving company vehicles, using equipment, or dealing with customers, it is important that they be unimpaired.

The insurance that is paid by a business is often based on the number of accidents that occur throughout a year. When a business employs individuals who are using drugs, they often have a higher rate of accidents and near misses than other businesses. This can be very costly when the business uses heavy equipment on a regular basis or is in a high-risk field.

Many insurance companies provide discounts to businesses that conduct regular employment drug testing on their employees. These drug tests are very easy to conduct on site and do not require that employees go to a laboratory. In cases where there is a suspicion of drug abuse, an employee may be selected to be drug tested as part of their regular evaluation process.

In businesses where heavy equipment is being used, the chances of injury and death are greatly magnified when an employee is under the influence. The consequences to the business can be devastating when other employees are injured or killed because of the misconduct of an impaired employee. In many cases insurance companies include a clause that relieves them of payment when accidents occur that are the result of drugs.

By implementing an employment drug testing program, the business owner has an opportunity to proactively address the needs of the employees and customers of the business. An individual who may be a dependable and valuable employee can be evaluated and provided the necessary treatment to return to their position after recovery. When an employee has been consistently using drugs, the appropriate measures can be taken before a customer or staff member is injured.

Many companies are including employment drug testing as part of the regular work assessment that staff receive. When a policy has been instituted for drug testing as part of the evaluation, employees are less likely to use drugs recreationally. This further helps a business to create a safe and secure working environment for staff and customers.

Customer service is a key to the success of most businesses. When staff who are under the influence of drugs come into contact with customers, it is a direct reflection on the business. Through the use of proper testing methods, a business can assure that their customers are provided the highest level of service that the business can give.

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