Federal Civil Search

When you are contemplating hiring or promoting an individual, the Federal Civil Search a necessary step.

federal civil search

The Federal Civil Search allows you to search for and access all civil cases that are filed in federal courts. The Federal Civil search offers you the option of searching for these civil cases by district and even nationwide across all federal courts in the country. A name search is necessary due to the fact that cases are often filed in a District Court other than where the business or person resides. This occurs when a party from one district files a suit against a party residing in another district.

Federal Civil Search

Cases that are considered federal are ones that involve violation of the federal civil law. The cases filed involve money, property and matters involving control of intellectual property. The Federal Civil Search will provide the exact civil violation alleged and the particulars of the complaint.

Key Features of Federal Civil Search:

This search provides access to a wide range of information regarding federal cases. Such information is inclusive of the court information, case numbers, dates when the offense took place, the disposition of the matter. The unique feature of a Federal Civil Search is that the documents outline the civil allegation and documentation of the details of the matter. The allegation is specific and the answers by the Defendant are made part of the file. The record of any hearings are in the file as well as the ruling by the Court. Also, if an appeal is taken that record will also be in the file.

The Federal Civil Search has two levels of service for maximum efficiency:

A. Federal National Civil Search

This search allows access to information on federal civil cases in all districts. It offers a single search of all the Federal District Courts in the country for civil criminal proceeding. The Federal Civil Search allows you to access any information pertaining to federal cases in all the districts that may impact business or personal decisions.

B. Federal Civil District Search

This specific search allows you to search for and access the civil proceedings that are within the Federal District Courts. This information is, however, based on either the specific districts where the applicant’s address history is located or all the districts in the entire state where the applicant has an address history. This level of service provides specific information that is reliant on the address history of the applicant.

The need for Federal Civil Search
The Federal Civil Search allows employers to search for and access information pertaining to their employees or applicants in the Federal Districts Courts. This information is inclusive of all states, and the information gathered from the search enables the employers to limit liability by proving due diligence and to protect the company’s brand.
Civil records can provide insight as to an employee’s reputation for responsibility and truthfulness. If a Federal Civil Search provides that an individual has been alleged to having committed a civil fraud or failed to honor a financial responsibility that employee may damage the company.

Provide a safe working environment

The search allows employers to pre-screen all potential employees to ensure that they are not a danger to the company or current employees due to irresponsible actions or pending liabilities.

Reduction of fraud and theft

By analyzing the risk management profiles of the qualified candidates, the employer is able to hire candidates who meet the risk management criteria of the company and unlikely to commit fraud or theft to satisfy a judgment.

Database Records can locate the appropriate districts in which to conduct Federal Civil Searches, in conjunction with complete background investigations, saving you time, money and anxiety.

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