Improper Background Screening


Employers and landlords who fail to exercise proper protocol when performing background checks and pre-employment background screening could be subject to massive fines.

In several court cases, federal judges have fined companies millions of dollars for failing to follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act guidelines (FCRA.) In one instance, an employer was caught accessing employee’s personal data without their knowledge or consent. Current and former employees of this company sued and won.

The FCRA guidelines state that an employer must have a signed release and disclosure from a potential or current employee before performing background screening. These same laws apply to background checks being performed on potential tenants, but also to current public and private sector employees. In one famous case, the director of a major Ohio public services department used an individual’s personal information to conduct a background check without his knowledge, and without just cause. The move prompted a suspension of the director and new legislation written to limit access to personal information.

Once proper consent is secured, reliable background screening companies like have a variety of processes they use to examine an individual’s financial and criminal history. provides access to public and criminal databases nationwide.

Depending on the search type, their background screening processes are suitable for law enforcement agencies, schools and corporations.

Searches can also be narrowed by state or county, and for most areas will access felonies, misdemeanors, infractions and even traffic related cases. A county, state or nationwide background search can focus on other variables such as registered sex offender and violent offender databases, terrorist watch lists, or federal civil and criminal cases.

For over eighteen years, has been a reliable source for anyone needing to gather accurate information on consenting individuals. Whether searching for past address or employment history, performing a financial investigation or looking for a criminal record, they have the expertise and resources to accomplish the task. They provide access to this information with their fast online system, which is run through a secure server. The business owner, law enforcement agency or landlord has over 700 million public and criminal records at their disposal, with millions more for a precisely targeted search. The advantage to this system is speed. Turnaround times are fast, and competent customer service agents are available to assist.

The FCRA laws are clear, and using a professional service to conduct screenings is paramount. According to the FCRA, anyone conducting a background screening on a private citizen must have a purpose and written permission from the individual to do so. Without this permissible purpose businesses and others conducting improper background screening may face millions in federal fines, or in the case of one government employee, public disgrace and loss of wages. For quick and accurate results, use an experienced company who has been providing reliable information for almost two decades. Contact today, or visit their website to choose a screening package.

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