Instant Statewide Criminal Search

A background check is a way to investigate a person’s past and character, using public reports and data.

Instant Statewide Criminal Search

The checks are used by federal and state governments and private companies. The information on a background check includes the name, date of birth, age, arrests, crime committed, social media information, traffic offenses, marriage, bankruptcies, and judgments.

Where Does the Information come from?

All the information is public record, and anyone wants to search for it can have access. In some states, the process is simple since they have web portals in place. Other jurisdictions still use the traditional methods and require search at a courthouse.

Types of Criminal Background Checks

A National Criminal Check includes a multi-state search and is often instantaneous. Although there is no true national criminal database, the databases are maintained by Consumer Reporting Agencies and may be updated from time to time, depending on the availability of data.

Federal Criminal searches check for records in the federal courthouses around the country and are often requested by employers who want to hire individuals, especially upper management. The searches are for federal crimes, such as counterfeiting, money laundering, racketeering, among others. The searches are conducted at specific district courts that cover the region where the applicant has lived or worked. The search results are generally available in business three days.

County Criminal

A county criminal search involves a local court report, usually accessed on the online criminal records or by a court researcher. The search is accurate and is usually the most current data you can get. The results are usually delivered in 5 business days.

Instant Statewide Criminal Search

instant statewide criminal search

All jurisdictions report to the state’s central repository. Due to the non-uniform reporting, results can be from a few hours to 2 months.
How to Get Started

A criminal background check is a legal process with strict rules. Ensure that the search company you select is Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant. The FCRA governs almost all background checks. For instance, some states allow you to do a background check on all employees, while others only allow checks on a particular group of employees.
Advantages of Criminal Background Searches
Doing a background check is an important step in determining whether an employee is a risk to your organization. It will help you make an informed decision. Criminal background searches can help safeguard the reputation of your company and boost trust among the employees. It can help identify risky hires and protect organization’s assets.

Background searches may also protect other employees from violence or sexual harassment. It may also protect the customers from assaults on business premises. It maximizes productivity since you get to choose a person depending on the past record.


Instant Statewide Criminal Search can help you make a wise decision, especially when it comes to hiring an employee. It’s better to know who you are hiring than waiting until for things to start going south. Call us or visit today to help you hire the right person.

Don’t wait! It is more efficient and cost-effective to turn an applicant down than to repair the damage done with a poor hire.

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