Why a National Background Check is Vital When You Are Hiring

National Background Check is Vital

In a time of recession where many candidates are competing for jobs, you may find that you have an influx of applications when hiring for a new positions. Trying to determine who is suitable and who is not can be challenging and time consuming, but a national background check will help employers eliminate those candidates who are not suitable.

Aside from checking a potential employees criminal background, you will also gain a deeper insight into their life that will let you know how suitable are for the position that has been advertised. You can check their employment history against their resume, their educational achievements and security clearance. This aids employers in finding out who has been honest in their application and who has made false claims.

Even once a suitable candidate has been selected for a position, it is vital that they’re reliability is guaranteed. Using periodic drug tests that has been offered as a part of a national background check service is a great way to detect any drug issues within the workplace, or single employees. Conducting a periodic check may become necessary when an employee fails to reach the standards expected of them in the work place or if they begin turning up late, or not at all.

In such a competitive market where people are losing their jobs a national background check can easily act as the determining factor when an employer is faced with multiple candidates of the same skill level.

Vital details about an employee’s criminal background history will be gained from a number of databases, including the national sex offenders registry, national terrorist database and department of corrections. Other felonies and misdemeanor’s can be detected, such as driving while under the influence of alcohol, an offence that will make an employee unsuitable for any job that involves driving on behalf of the company.

Aside from checking a person’s criminal history, it is possible to check for warning signs in their civil record history. This includes an address search, eviction search and any workers compensation claims that have been made. Enhanced checks can also provide an insight into any assets a potential employee may hold, as well as any scams they may have taken part in. Noticing such investigations can act as the warning sign needed for employers to prevent them from hiring candidates who could pose a risk to the workplace. By conducting a national background check, it is possible to reveal the secrets that an interview and resume may keep hidden.

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