Nationwide Wants & Warrants Search

Nationwide Wants & Warrants Search instantly to determine if your person of interest has a warrant

Nationwide Wants & Warrants Search

When a law enforcement agency wants to arrest an individual an arrest warrant is issued for that person. A person may be “wanted” for questioning by law enforcement and a “wanted for questioning” bulletin is issued. A “want” is not an arrest, however the wanted person may be detained for questioning.
A judge may sign an arrest warrant for a person for failing to appear for a mandatory hearing.

Nationwide Wants & Warrants Search

A search for any existing state or federal warrants for an individual is offered by Database Records. then our tool will be of great help. Our nationwide “Wants & Warrants Search” identify current warrants for crimes such as misdemeanors, felonies as well as the information regarding the agency issuing the wants and warrants.

Where we get the information on wants & warrants

We compile the warrants from agencies and organizations such as FBI, DEA, State departments of corrections, United States Marshal Service, and county, and district courts. Others agencies include the local police, county police, and the probation and parole boards. Where there is a current warrant for an individual, we conduct further research with the agency issuing the warrant to determine that the warrant is still “active”. When we issue a report we have verified that the information is current and correct.
Law enforcement agencies have a lag time to uploading the latest arrests or warrants on their sites. At Database Records we scan multiple databases instantly to determine if your person of interest has a warrant. To make our searches more reliable we conduct a county/city and the state database search.

Types of warrants

Examples of warrants are traffic violations, bad checks, unpaid fines, failures to appear, robbery rape, kidnapping, parole violations, and murder. Each warrant will explain the reason for the warrant and the degree of danger the person poses. There will be information on how to contact the agency issuing the warrant.

Should you search for a warrant when employing someone?

Due diligence requires that you make relevant inquiries into the background of persons you may be considering for employment. If a warrant is found on the data search you have a responsibility to contact the agency issuing the warrant to determine if the warrant is active, An active warrant does not mean the person is guilty of a crime. The matter may be cleared with a phone call to a probation department, for example, if the person is wanted for failing to make a timely contact with the agency.
Can I search for my outstanding wants and warrants?

Yes, it’s good to check to determine if you have outstanding warrants. A warrant may be issued as a result of unpaid traffic tickets or even mistaken identity. Checking for any outstanding warrants may an embarrassment if a police offer stops at your door or office to place handcuffs on you or you may be pulled aside on the road by a traffic officer and arrested.

For employment, or other purposes, it’s crucial to check for an arrest warrant for an individual before you make a hiring decision. However, it should not be the sole factor. You should also conduct a county criminal search. You should analyze the information from these wants and warrants carefully as having one does not mean someone is guilty. It may just be an unpaid traffic ticket.

Let Database Records be your source for Nationwide Wants & Warrants searches…..get the current and correct information…at an affordable price.

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