Pre employment Drug Screening – Testing

Institutions require an education background check of individuals who apply for positions working with children.

Pre employment Drug Screening

The education background check of employees, teachers, personnel, and volunteers must be suitable and above reproach and they want to teach or work with the young. Large volumes of applications are received each year from applicants who have criminal records. While every crime will not prevent employment it may prohibit the individual from working with children of any age. The education background check can be very extensive. It can involve not only a criminal check but an educational check as well. Hundreds of applicants will not complete their applicant in an honest manner.

This is why learning institutions have their own requirements that applicants must adhere to before they are offered any chance of employment. The information they provide on the application must be accurate and verifiable. For example, various education background check institutions will be contacted to confirm or deny the applicant information. The verification process is part of the hiring process and everyone must agree to this check if they want to obtain employment in the education industry. The information that is checked is the validity of degrees, training certificates, graduation verification, enrollment checks, and other pertinent information that may be relevant to the job or position being applied for.

Most learning institutions rely on third party education background check verification systems.

This may include the records and admissions department of the issuing institution. It is the policy of some schools to charge a fee for the release of this information. The fees are usually passed on to the person or institution that requests the record, and in some cases the individual may be charged. The Education Background Check verification process can be long and drawn out. It may take weeks or longer to verify some information. This can be a down side for most people who really need the work, and a bigger problem for institutions that really need to fill a position.

The education background check verification process can go as far back as high school. However, this depends on the position that is being applied for. Sometimes this information can be verified over the telephone, through an email, by using snail mail or by fax machine. There is the privacy act law to consider when sending sensitive documents over the internet and through the fax line. Sending the information over night the information may be acceptable at some institutions as long as it arrives in a sealed envelope.

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Education Background Check

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