Always Preform Background Checks

Let’s face it some candidates lie and withhold truth on their resumes and in their background checks.

Most of us like to think that people are generally truthful – and that may very well be the case most of the time – but with an unemployment rate around 9 percent, many job seekers are concealing shady pasts and/or fabricating impressive backgrounds. In order to ensure that you hire the right people, you need to have a background check conducted by a qualified third party. No matter what business you’re in, you need to protect yourself and your company from hiring the wrong kind of individuals.

background checks

There was a time when performing the necessary background checks to safeguard against that happening was a length process.

Some of today’s agencies have gotten it down to a science and can deliver a comprehensive report in a timely matter. And we all know how important it is to have objectives carried out quickly during the hiring process. You want that position filled rapidly you don’t want to wait around for weeks and have the whole process backed up. That’s why you should only have a qualified agency who has been around the business for a while perform a background screening before extending an offer to a candidate. Background check got their start many years ago in industries such as day care, comparison care and medicine.

Eventually background checks and the government put it into law that these checks had to be performed on anyone being considered for a position in those industries.

Eventually the rest of the corporate world realized that it was in their best interest to be performing these background studies in order to avoid hiring on someone who has concealed a questionable past. Criminal history, drug usage, professional certification verification, education verification, motor vehicle history and more can and should be covered in a background screening. It is also crucial that the agency you use to look into applicants is also accurate in addition to comprehensive. No company wants to land in legal hot water down the road because the information they relied on when passing on an employee was false. So make sure you run a background checks on the checkers before picking one that you know you can rely on.

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