Reasons Why People Check Public Court Records

There are several reasons why companies as well as individuals, choose to run background checks on various people. In some cases, the checks can include searching the public court records to find pertinent information.

Public Court records are available to the general public, with a few exceptions.

People looking for basic public court records, birth and death certificates, can find these readily available through the clerk of courts office. Other records such as traffic violations, divorces and criminal offenses are not usually available for public viewing. People interested in viewing this type of information will need to enlist the help of a professional service.

The background checking service found at the website of will allow people to run all types of different public court records searches. The ability to access public court records to find out information about a prospective tenant or employee is very useful. Most companies now run these checks as standard practice to avoid hiring people who have a history of committing crimes. Property owners who rent, also find the searches helpful in choosing tenants who will pay their rents on time and not cause trouble.

There are also a number of private individuals who choose to check the information available through public court records. People today meet a lot of potential mates using the Internet. There is no way to tell for sure if someone is providing truthful information about themselves over the Internet. People can check public court records to obtain information about any previous marriages, divorces or violations with the law.

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Public Court Records

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