Tennessee Employment Screening

Finding someone to screen your employees, before or after a hire, does not have to be difficult. Here at, we know that the safety and efficiency of your company relies on hiring reliable, honest individuals. The best way to ensure that these are the individuals you are hiring is to conduct a comprehensive screening of any and all applicant that you are considering for hire.

In the past, this process used to be time-consuming and expensive. Sometimes, companies would forgo it all together, to later discover that the person they ultimately hired lied on their application and was not capable of what they said they were, or turned out to be a dangerous individual. Getting an employment screening before hiring any person mitigates the chance that you will be duped by a charismatic individual, who purports to be exactly the employee you need, while actually having none of the characteristics of ideal employee.

Other companies have paid thousands of dollars to recruitment firms, to bypass the need to screen their own employees—though this process is not as reliable as it may seem.

In Tennessee, employment screening is easy. provides you with an inexpensive screening package, delivering a background check that will let you know if that applicant is really someone you want to have working at your company. The adage that “everyone lies on their resumes” may not necessarily be true, but “better safe than sorry” certainly is.

You choose the package that you need, so you pay a price that is well within your budget, whether you need to screen a single individual, or whether you need screening for several different people. You don’t have to pay a usurious rate just to make sure your employees are not convicted felons. We never overcharge you for our services, providing the same screens as other companies, but without gouging you on the price.

Best of all, we protect your privacy. You do not have to give up personal information or leave yourself unprotected in order to obtain a professional employment screen. Our Tennessee employment screening services have even been reviewed by the Better Business Bureau. Databaserecords is BBB ACCREDITED BUSINESS A+ rating.

Take the time to really find out who your employees are. Protect your business and yourself from lawsuits and financial failure. Contact TODAY and let us show you how to run a Tennessee employment screening the right way. 615-449-8991.

Tennessee Employment Screening

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