Tennessee Tenant Screening

How do you make sure that the people trying to rent your space have a good renting track record? How do you make sure that everything they’ve written on their application is accurate? In Tennessee, tenant screening is the best way. Our service allows you to really know who might be moving into your space and can even prevent you from renting to those with negative rental histories or criminal records.

Why might you want to have a tenant screened? Like most renters, you want high-quality tenants that will take care of your house, apartment, or commercial building. You do not want to rent to someone who will tear it to pieces. This is where a Tennessee tenant screening can save time, money, and even help to eliminate stress. With one of our screens, you can be confident in knowing that your tenants are friendly and respectful.

What information does a tenant screen show you? Like a background check, it will let you know if the applicant has ever been arrested for or charged with a crime. It can give you their eviction history and even a list of addresses to contact if you want to hear from other landlords about the tenant’s habits.

Most Important Aspects of Tennessee Tenant Screening

The three most important things that you will learn from a Tennessee tenant screening are:

  1. Whether or not that tenant can pay their rent on time and in full
  2. How conscientious of a tenant they are likely to be (will they care for the property?)
  3. Whether or not they are likely to disturb their neighbors or become a nuisance

If you, like most landlords, want quiet tenants who will take pride in keeping the property clean and maintaining the building, a tenant screening is the way to go. Databaserecords has a long history of providing accurate and helpful Tennessee tenant screening reports to landlords who care about what kind of people live in their properties.

You have put blood, sweat, and tears in to your property—the best way to get a great return on that investment is to know exactly who is moving in. You don’t have to rely on the veracity of their application—find out for sure.

Contact TODAY and let us show you how to run a Tennessee tenant screening the right way. 615-449-8991. Databaserecords is BBB ACCREDITED BUSINESS A+ rating.

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